Character Generation Quick Start


Generating characters for Erebus follows this procedure.

  1. Roll up characteristics and note modifiers for each score.

    • If the modifiers total to a negative number, repeat this step.
  2. Choose a class/race combination.

    • Roll hit points, and raise to minimum if needed.
    • Record Attack Bonuses and Saving Throws.
  3. House rules:

  4. Choose an alignment.

  5. Determine starting money and equipment (Rules pp 22, 24-29)

  6. Choose a Name.


Roll 3d6, in alphabetical order: Charisma, Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence, Strength, Wisdom. If you really have your heart set on a particular class or character concept, you may swap one (and only one) pair of numbers.

The modifier for each characteristic are as follows:

Characteristic RangeModifier

Classes and Races

These are the primary PC classes. Players can choose any of these, although Dwarves, Elves, and Halflings cultures make interacting with humans problematic.

ClassRaceReferencesStarting HP1Min2Hit DieOther benefits
ClericHumanRules p 41d63d6cleric spells
FighterHumanRules p 61d88d8increasing Attack Bonus, maneuvers
Magic UserHumanRules p 81d63d4magic spells
SpecialistHumanRules p 101d63d6skill points
DwarfDwarfRules p 15, Dwarves1d105d10fighter maneuvers, Architecture 3/6, ignore first encumbrance level
ElfElfRules p 17, Elves1d63d6fighter maneuvers, magic spells, Search 2/6, Surprise Chance 1/6
HalflingHalflingRules p 18, Halflings1d63d6saving throws, Bushcraft 3/6, Stealth 5/6

This game introduces “Lineages”. A Lineage is a human bloodline that grants special benefits and limitations. The following Lineages are available:

Some races and lineages have Variant Classes, noted in their entries. Taking any of these classes requires Referee approval.

Extra Steps

Some classes require a few more steps, as noted below.

Determine starting spells (Rules, p. 79)Elf, Magic-User
Allocate skill points (Rules, p. 10)Specialist
Raise starting skills (Rules, p. 15/17/18)Elf, Dwarf, Halfling
Lower surprise chance (Rules, p. 15)Elf


The three alignments are Lawful, Neutral, and Chaotic. All Cambions, Elves, and Magic-Users must be Chaotic, and all Clerics must be Lawful. Other characters may pick any alignment, although Neutral is the safest option.

In this game alignments signify an entanglement with unearthly powers, not a moral, ethical, or philosophical choice. This has a few consequences:


Dorlands personal names sound vaguely Nordic, Germanic, or Russian. Pre-Norman English would also work. The Kulhani influence might produce Persian, Arabian, or even Greek names.

Dorlanders have no “last names” in the modern sense. Common second names include:

For what it’s worth, here’s the cultural analogues for other peoples:

Elfin names have lots of vowels and sound musical. Dwarves take Dorlandish or disemvoweled Elfin names in public; their secret names are in Old Dwarfish and are never spoken. The Halfling language resembles one or more Native American languages by way of Mars; they adopt Dorland names or literal translations of their native names, e.g. Red Cloud, Striking Snake.

  1. Not including Con modifier.

  2. Add Con modifier before raising low HP to minimum.