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A random collection of thoughts and rules related to “Erebus”, a role-playing campaign.

The World

Erebus is a brutal world of dark sorceries, and the remains of advanced civilizations. Iron age barbarians, decadent empires, and rising kingdoms alike face remnants of dark sorceries, horrors from other worlds, and mysterious relics left by otherwise unknown Ancients.

Characters are fledgeling treasure-hunters starting at the Town Of Fallhaven, in the Western Kulhan Empire, a.k.a. the Kingdom Of Dorland. They will venture into the wilderness, and raid ancient tombs, forgotten ruins, and places of mystery. Some may even return.

On the other hand, characters will have a life outside tomb-raiding. They can spend their riches on acquiring land and power, with all the responsibilities and dangers that implies. Humans, the most dangerous animals, pose just as much danger as traps and monsters, and cities are packed with them. Some of the worst corruption, the most foul sorceries and the least human creatures, lurk among other people.

For more information about the world, read the following sections:

The Game

Players will create characters using Lamentations Of The Flame Princess, an Old School game loosely based on Basic D&D, a.k.a. Classic D&D, BECMI, and B/X. Players can download a free version of the rules, without art but with everything they need to know.

The game will start with a very few House Rules, and add more as needed.

Character generation proceeds according to LotFP rules-as-written, except as noted in the House Rules and linked pages. Impatient people should see the Character Generation Quick Start.

About Lamentations of the Flame Princess: Weird Fantasy Role Playing

LotFP differs from more modern games not only in rules, but in sensibilities.

The campaign makes use of some of James Raggi’s modules. They favor traps over creatures, and death lurks in every corner. On the plus side, while not every event has an explanation – apart from A Wizard Did It – every element has a purpose. Tomb-builders and paranoid overlords build false passages that lead either to traps or a fraction of the true treasure.

Alternate Systems were considered, but LotFP is the current choice.