Town Of Fallhaven

The Origa River flows from the Midland River, commonly regarded as the western border of the Kingdom Of Dorland. Centuries ago, surveyors of the Kulhan Empire discovered a small farming village at the source of the Origa. They recorded its name as “Faelle Haven” and moved on. Fallhaven changed little as the Kulhan Empire rose and fell, and the armies of House Oragnov killed the Kha-Khan of the Crimson Horde and drove his armies back north.

Three years ago, a ne’er-do-well from Fallhaven emerged from the Great Forest bearing boxes of gold and rare artifacts. Reports of gold-laden ruins spread throughout the Kingdom, and gold-hunters rushed to Fallhaven. Today the little village is a walled town, with a thriving community of merchants selling “adventuring kits” and tools of dubious use.

Fallhaven’s original inhabitants dwell on the outskirts of town. These dour, Mitra-fearing farmers and craftsmen loathe the adventurers, merchants, and thieves on both sides of the law who invaded their sleepy little village. A few old gaffers mutter darkly about things better left alone, and ancient evils awakened from their tombs.