Blog Facelift Complete

Posted: 2020-03-12
Word Count: 568
Tags: blog hugo

For better or worse, this is what my blog will look like going forward. Anyone who saw the ‘dev’ version, mentioned in the previous posts, will find this familiar. (I’ll take down the ‘dev’ site shortly.)

To summarize the changes:

  1. I retired the Ananke theme in favor of XMin.

  2. I then heavily customized the XMin theme for the following:

    • “Single” (article) pages list tags at the bottom
    • “List” pages note creation and modification of articles
    • The Home page uses its own template, which at the moment differs only slightly from the “list” temlate.
    • The Posts list page uses XMin’s original “list” template, i.e. posts in order of creation date, most recent first.
    • Some “single” pages include a Table of Contents, based on a toc parameter in the article’s “front matter”.
    • The Resume page (see below) omits the standard title header, again based on a single parameter in the article’s “front matter”.
  3. I’ve also integrated my resume page into the Hugo project.

  4. I’ve added a (placeholder) page for Table Top Role-Playing Game articles (see below).

  5. Finally I tweaked the CSS to use serif fonts, among other minor touches.

(The menu at the top of the page is also new. I could have done it with Ananke, but decided to wait for the facelift.)

With the new templates in place, I can concentrate on “content” (a term I still hate). This means more brand new blog posts and maybe posts from my old blogs, notably Pen and Paper Games and (possibly) G+.

The “TTRPG” section is empty now. Soon I hope to fill it in with some of the following:

I might also add a section of fiction, both old (i.e. from the old site) and hopefully new.