Blog Facelift Progress

Posted: 2020-03-02
Word Count: 243
Tags: blog hugo

A quick update: there’s been little progress.

Three cosmetic fixes I’ve decided to make now, before the “facelift”:

  1. By default, the new version of hugo strips out all the literal HTML from the Markdown source of my posts. In practical terms, that means that all the embedded YouTube videos in older posts were gone … until this most recent update. See, for example, the articles on She-Ra or Brexit. I’ve tweaked the configuration to fix that. (This is more of a bug fix than a facelift.)

  2. While I was at it, I also tweaked the configuration to give code listings a light gray background rather than black. It will look better against white pages, but it looks OK now. The color scheme is another, minor configuration fix.

  3. The front page now lists the last twelve articles rather than the last six.

All but the last change will carry over to the new site. (The last is unnecessary, since the last change will list all blogs by title, and not the titles and first paragraphs of the last N blogs.)

Previews of the “facelift” will still be available at until I’ve gotten the templates the way I want them. The main change will be that the footer(?) of each page will list that page’s tags, categories (currently unused), and other “taxonomy” items. I hope that change will take only a few hours of dedicated work. The rest is just configuration and/or adding content.