Blog Facelift: Real Soon Now

Posted: 2020-03-05
Word Count: 319
Tags: blog hugo

After my post a few days ago, I got inspired to push through what I considered the big issue – tags at the bottom of each post – and got it done. That uncovered a few other issues, notably how the non-blog sections will work given that it makes most sense to sort them by title, not date.

My current working version will go up on shortly. In future revisions I may, however, remove the “TTRPG” section until I have something to put there. Interestingly, I had to override some of the (few) templates XMIN provides, and augment the CSS. Soon I may get to the point that I’m not using an XMIN “theme” so much as I’m borrowing bits of XMIN “code” to implement my own site. (Which may have been the author’s intent.)

Some remaining work:

  1. Integrating my resume page into the site. (Right now I’m using the results of an old XSLT experiment.)

  2. Tweaking style sheets. (The Web doesn’t seem to like serif fonts, but I do.)

  3. Integrating other old content into the site. (See this hidden link for the stuff that used to be here.)

  4. Folding in content from other blogs, notably from Pen and Paper Games and anything still useful from G+.

  5. Deciding how to date-stamp old content1. Do I keep the date as the first publication date, as I have been doing? How do I draw attention to it being new to this blog? Last modification date? A “publication” date? Tags?

All but the first can wait until the grand merge back to, but I’d like to have a plan in place.

  1. I hate, hate, hate the word “content”, as if we’re all just trying to fill quotas of words and pictures. But I can’t think of a better one to span fiction, TTRPG rules, code, blog posts, my resume, essays, and whatever the hell else I was doing on G+. ↩︎