DC Super Hero Girls Rebooted

Posted: 2019-04-09
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Tags: cartoon dc tv obsession

New obsession: the Cartoon Network TV version of DC Super Hero Girls.


Scene from the excellent pilot, "#SweetJustice":

Scene from the most recent episode, “#MeetTheCheetah”

See? Much better than the previous YouTube series. (From what I could tell, the YT series existed to sell dolls to pre-teen girls.)

Sadly my new obsession has severral flaws:

  1. Since I don’t have cable, I get my fix from iTunes. Apart from the Apple factor, episodes only turn up at 2:30 am the following morning.

  2. Each episode, save for the one hour pilot, is only 15 minutes.

  3. Since it just started, there’s nothing to binge watch. Also, next Sunday (Apr 14) they’re showing the first half of the pilot again. Which probably means we won’t get new episoodes for at least two weeks.

Yeah, I know, first world problems.