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Posted: 2023-01-16
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Doctor Who

The Cyberman Variations

One of the Doctor’s other most often recurring antagonists are the Cybermen. The 1966 serial The Tenth Planet introduced the Cybermen as survivors of the planet Mondas who turned themselves into unfeeling cyborgs. Their goal is to convert all humanoids into Cybermen so they can join their collective ranks.1 The costume evolved over the years.

“The Cybermen”

The 2006 series reimagined them as creations of a tech billionaire on a parallel Earth seeking immortality. (Because why not.) The motif is iconic, but the theme goes on a little too long.

“Upgrade in Progress”

In the Eleventh Doctor episode “Nightmare in Silver” by Neil Gaiman2, “Cybermites” convert the Doctor himself into a Cyber Planner.

“Dream of Cyberia”

He resists it by playing chess with the intruder in his own brain. This sinister version of the Cyberman Motif accompanies his attempts to win …

“Can’t Win”

… but he can’t. Or can he?

“They Walk Among Us”

Twelve (Peter Capaldi) ran into Cybermen again, this time under the control of the enigmatic “Missy” … an old enemy with a new face.

The End is the Beginning

Peter Capaldi’s last regular episode3 as the Doctor, “The Doctor Falls”, introduced yet another iteration of the Cybermen resembling the original 1966 versions: residents of a colony ship slowly freezing to death and being turned into cyborgs to survive. Including his new companion.

As history repeats itself, the Doctor mentiones that human(oid)s reinvent the Cybermen over and over throughout all history.

No music from those episodes, unless there’s a tenth series album I don’t know about.

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  1. Seriously, this was 23 years before Star Trek: The Next Generation introduced the Borg. ↩︎

  2. Who also wrote the brilliant “The Doctor’s Wife”, in which a malevolent being traps the TARDIS’s consciousness in a human body. For the first and last time it communicates with its longime companion, the Doctor, only to return where it belongs in an emotional scene. None of that music sticks out for me, or this post would be even longer. ↩︎

  3. He finally regenerates in the Christmas special “Twice Upon a Time”, but by the end of this episode he’s about to regenerate and fighting it. ↩︎