Original D&D Elf Revised

Posted: 2023-01-20
Word Count: 117
Tags: art rpg

Someone who saw my post on elves may remember this picture taken from the Original D&D White Box manuals.

White Box D&D ‘Elf’

A while ago I was playing around with http://heroforge.com and created my own take on this, um, “elf”.

Heroforge Small Elf Screenshot

Since Hero Forge makes 3D printed miniatures for a living1, I bought a print of this miniature in gray plastic. It’s kinda nice.

Later I tried to reproduce the original drawing’s pose. This is as close as I got.

Heroforge Small Elf Screenshot New Pose

Maybe with all the modifications they’ve made since then I’ll try again … except my laptop is really slow and I need a new one.

That is all.

  1. As opposed to helping wannabe writers visualize characters in works they never finish. ↩︎