Relearning Python #1/2: Ch-ch-ch-changes

Posted: 2023-02-09
Word Count: 664
Tags: computers programming python vaporware

When Last We Left Our Heroes …

A few things have changed in the three months(?!?) since the last article.

Computers Change

For reasons I was forced decided to upgrade to Linux Mint 21.1l which has Python 3.10.6 installed.

Also for reasons, I bought a Windows 10 machine that also has Python 3.11.2 available to download. So I guess I’m going to get acquainted with the Power Shell.1

Scripts Change

I made a few upgrades to duplicate-files.rb and its companion program, remove-files.rb:

I was going to “surprise” my hypothetical readers with that fact once was nearly complete, but that day seems ever more distant.

Instead, I’m going to track the changes as I make them, or at least as they become relevant.

Priorities Change

While looking for Python books I also happened across books on Go, Rust, TypeScript, and Windows. Hugo, the program that generates this site, is written in Go; I’ve stumbled on references to Rust here and there, and at one time TypeScript was the improvement on JavaScript everyone needed to use. (Not sure if that’s still true.)

All of which look interesting. But so do Antlr, Erlang, Hugo’s template language, Lua, Scheme, and all the projects I listed elsewhere. There just aren’t enough hours.

Meanwhile I put about two dozen posts on this site. Another dozen still remain as drafts, ranging from a title and topic to text almost done but still in need of editing. Plus my usual habit of tweaking things I’ve already published when I find a typo or braino.

“Holy Short Attention Span, Bat– Ooh, Shiny”

So, hypothetical readers, it seems I have too many irons in the fire and not enough heat. I will continue this series, though.2

Reproducing a script I’d been hacking on for more than two decades, though, sounds like a lot. Maybe a version 0.1 proof of concept: recurse down directories, collect sets of same-sized files, compare them, report the results in whatever convenient format (JSON, YAML, Python lists, whatever).

After that I may bail and pursue another Python project, or some smaller explorations.

Same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Channel

So, hopefully in something less than three months, I’ll finally have a “Relearning Python #1” ready.

  1. I install Cygwin on every Windows I “own”, even ones at work. What can I say? I love a command line. So Power Shell, which accepts at least a few Linux and DOS commands, may finally – if belatedly – wean me off that habit. Or not. We’ll see. Anyway, I’m not sure native Python will run under Cygwin. ↩︎

  2. But that’s what Harlan Ellison said about The Last Dangerous Visions. Too soon? (Too late?) ↩︎