So Much G+ …

Posted: 2018-10-16
Word Count: 195
Tags: elf-game gplus reposts rpg

Sunday night I went through a download of my G+ posts.

Hoo boy.

The past couple of years I’ve been posting a lot. Even screening out “hey lookit this” links and political moaning, I still found 200+ posts that might be worth republishing1. Many of them are about things I planned to do but haven’t (so far). So right now I’m considering a few options:

  1. Do some Ruby-fu to turn HTML into Markdown and then do cleanup by hand. Which means also figuring out how hugo handles posts with images. Mostly I created text, but in a few the image was vital.

  2. Winnow the 200+ further into a more manageable number. For example, don’t republish descriptions of things I’m thinking of doing. Just do them and post the results. (I already made a little headway on The Elf Game, i.e. OSR D&D if Elves were the default and humans were just another “race class”.)

  3. Call the whole thing off, because nobody cares.

The middle one sounds best, but I have so many ideas and so little energy to follow through on them …

Ah well.

  1. The kicker is that it was a few months old. ↩︎