To Hugo or Not to Hugo

Posted: 2019-09-16
Word Count: 652
Tags: blog go hugo lua ruby

When I decided to revive this blog a while ago, I decided on … Jekyll, actually. Instead of installing Perl, PHP, or other scripts on my hosting provider, I could generate static HTML and upload it. I wouldn’t blog much, I figured. And knowing me, each entry would be the length of a term paper. It would give me time to reread and polish each post before releasing it out into the world, a thing discouraged by sites like G+, Facebook, and ugh Twitter.

Then someone on G+ (of course) insisted hugo was fast. Really fast. So fast. And better than Jekyll, which was slow and not as fast. So I crumbled. At first hugo was indeed faster, and did what I wanted it to do. Then the problems began:

So … that felt good.

But it doesn’t solve my problems. Really my solutions are:

  1. Switch to the minimalist hugo theme, if it works better.

  2. Find another hugo theme that doesn’t throw errors and that I can live with.

  3. Give Jekyll a second look. First, really.

  4. Write my own scheme, maybe after I’ve gotten experience building the “statiki” suite.

Maybe I’ll sleep on it.