Update (2021-07-02)

Posted: 2021-07-02
Word Count: 342
Tags: blog hugo

In addition to adding a bunch of articles that queued up, I’ve also modified the templates and CSS for this site. If the site looks wonky in some browsers (*cough* Firefox *cough*), clear the browser cache and reload.1

Most of the changes are invisible, but I made a major structural change by using a single base template for common elements instead of multiple partial “header” and “footer” templates. This lets me see all the “chrome” for the site in one file, which will make further modifications easier. This means I’ve stopped using the XMin theme completely, and copied the few remaining theme resources I hadn’t overriden – the static CSS and a few minor templates – into my site-specific files.

The visible changes include:

Honestly I’d like to do more to spruce up the site, while keeping its essential simplicity. Unfortunately I lack the aesthetic sense and experience to do so, and I don’t think the site’s currently worth the time (and cost) of an expert opinion.

  1. Soecifically I merged “/css/style2.css” into “css/style.css”, and removed the former. During testing I noticed that Firefox would not reload CSS unless the HTML also changed, and sometimes not even then. Maybe it caches the fully rendered response in an internal format, and checks the Last-Modified header only for the loaded URL? ↩︎