What, me update?

Posted: 2019-03-28
Word Count: 226
Tags: software

So I wrote a week’s worth of posts and haven’t uploaded any of them. My bad.

As explained previously, I write posts on my computer(s) in Markdown, generate all the Website files using Hugo, zip them up, upload the archive to my hosting provider using their Web tool, unzip them (overwriting existing files), then check that everything looks OK.

Ideally I should automate all this: a script would check my Subversion repository1 for any updates, run hugo to generate new site files, zip them up (or, hey, just the ones that changed), sftp them up to my hosting provider, unzip them, then alert me somehow so I can double check. All I have to do is:

  1. Write such a script.
  2. Test such a script with a few dry runs.
  3. Enable ssh and sftp access (which the host provider recommends against)
  4. Run the script for reals manually at least once, to make sure it actually works.

Then again I also should have nightly automated backups of my Mac Mini’s home directory using Unix tools so I’m not screwed again when the Mini dies. Yeah, I’ll get to it … eventually.

  1. Yes, I use Subversion at home, because I’m familiar with it, I’m the only user, and therefore I don’t need Git’s infinite branching and merging sorcery. If I somehow write usable software, I’ll slam it onto GitHub/GitLab/whatever. ↩︎