What’s a Non-Review?

Posted: 2022-11-18
Word Count: 244
Tags: non-review rpg

So what exactly is a non-review?

Short answer: it’s commentary on a product that in no way should be taken as thorough, complete, or authoritative. Examples:

And so on.

My reluctance to call something a “review” stems from an actual review I wrote for a Web site. I really like the game, yet the text of the review obsessed about the lack of a useful table of contents or index. My instinctive negativity kept me from describing what I thought was actually good about the thing. The authors of the game (and others) called me on essentially writing a useless and overly negative review.

Hence I’m not going to call these things I dash off based on a quick reading of a game “reviews”. They’re more impressions, or notes for a review, or something.