Frank Mitchell

Richardson, TX, 75080 | [email for phone number] |


Senior Programmer/Analyst,, Dallas, TX

Mar 2007 - Feb 2009

Implemented architectural improvements to’s primary e-commerce web application. Wrote support services for QA and production infrastructure. Evaluated technologies and tools to improve application architecture or streamline development process. Gave technical presentations on architectural changes. Specific tasks include:

Senior Developer, AeroXchange, Irving, TX

Aug 2006 - Oct 2006

Technical Lead for Aero AOG, a B2B e-commerce website allowing one member airline to borrow, loan, buy, sell, or exchange airplane parts for grounded airplanes. Application consisted of Java Servlets and JSPs running on Tomcat against an Oracle database; environment used CVS, Ant and Eclipse.

Senior Programmer/Developer,, Dallas, TX

Oct 2004 - Aug 2006

Designed and implemented various components of the e-commerce ebsite, including tools for maintenance and administration. used servlets, JSPs and Struts/Tiles running in ATG Dynamo 6.3.0 but using a minimum of ATG APIs, against Microsoft SQL Server and various SOAP and EDI interfaces; development used MKS, Ant, and Eclipse. Advised architects and developers on technologies like JUnit and Ruby on Rails. Specific tasks include:

Senior Software Developer, Bang Networks, Inc., San Francisco, CA

Jan 2001 - Jun 2003

Developed both incarnations of Bang’s Internet messaging platform: an Internet service to feed data from a proprietary Java API to a web page in real time, and a network appliance using a Java Message Service API to send data over the Internet. Both incarnations could feed messages to a DHTML web page through a Java applet, and both delivered data through firewalls and proxies. Specific projects and responsibilities include:

Senior Software Developer, E*TRADE, San Francisco, CA

Jan 2000 - Dec 2000

Designed and coded parts of a customizable financial portal site, using Java Servlets. Worked with designers, project managers, and other developers to produce a beta version of the site to demo to high-level management and E*TRADE. Also developed prototypes for Clearstation portal site. Specific areas coded:

Member of Technical Staff, Sun Microsystems, Inc., Cupertino, CA

Sep 1997 - Dec 1999

Designed and coded a variety of Java-related projects, using Swing, servlets, XML, and sockets:

Assistant Vice President/Business Systems Analyst, First Chicago/NBD, Chicago, IL

August 1991 - August 1997

Key developer, implementor, and maintainer of a trading system written in Objective-C for NEXSTEP running on NeXT, Intel, and HP hardware. The system, MOATS, started as an interest rate derivatives pricing application but was later extended to handle risk management and middle-office functions. Responsibilities and accomplishments include:

Programmer/Researcher, Continental National Bank, Chicago, IL

Jan 1990 - Aug 1991

Implemented and maintained trading systems for the foreign exchange and fixed-income trading desks; all programs used C/UNIX on Solaris, backed by Sybase databases. Collaborated with users to debug programs, expand functionality, and improve performance. Specific projects include:

Programmer/Researcher, First Options of Chicago, Chicago, IL

June 1989 - December 1989

Rewrote portions of the a PC-based program written in C with MS-DOS batch programs. Acted as “software librarian” for application source.


Programming Languages:
bsh/bash (15 years), C (20 years), Java (11 years), JavaScript (4 years), Objective-C (6 years), Python (3 years), Ruby (1 year), SQL (15 years).
Operating Systems:
Linux (3 years), Solaris (5 years); familiarity with basic Windows and Mac tasks.
ATG 6.3.0 (3 years), AJAX (4 years), CSS (4 years), DHTML (4 years), e-commerce (5 years), J2EE (5 years), JDBC (6 years), JMS (3 years), JSP (8 years), RDBMS (19 years), Spring (3 years), Struts (5 years), Tiles (5 years), Tomcat (3 years), XML (11 years), XSLT (1 year).
Ant (7 years), CruiseControl (9 years), CVS (10 years), Eclipse (5 years), jMock (5 years), JUnit (9 years).


Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics, University of Chicago, Chicago IL, June 1989. (Note: U of C had no undergraduate Computer Science degree until 1988.)

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Concentration in Computer Security and Forensics, Strayer University, Irving, TX / Online, April 2014