Astral RPG Essential Rules v0.1

Frank Mitchell

Posted: 2017-05-23
Last Modified: 2020-09-11
Word Count: 580
Tags: astral rpg

This is an early, skeletal version of the "Astral RPG" I've described in blog entries. It was also an attempt to define an RPG in 200 words, which failed. I'm leaving it here for historical interest. I hope I can define a version that's both simpler and more versatile.

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PREMISE: You project your spirit into the Astral Plane and start exploring.

CHARACTERS start with 12 Aura points. Choose three areas of Knowledge. Players and the Referee choose when and where player characters came from.

DISTANCE in the Astral is relative. Entities (Beings or Objects) may be Touching, Near, Far, or Away from each other. Entities that are Away from each other cannot normally interact or perceive each other.

TIME occurs in Ticks. All actions in a Tick happen simultaneously. Each Tick:

  1. All characters declare Actions.

  2. Each player Attacking, Blocking, or being Attacked rolls 2d6. A PC’s Combat Value (CV) is this number plus modifiers detailed below. An NPC’s CV is its pre-determined Target Number (TN), commonly 7, modified similarly.

  3. The table resolves all Attacks in any order.

  4. All other Actions take effect.

  5. Knocked Out characters suffer the effects.

ACTIONS include:

Additionally, once per Tick each character may SPEAK an arbitrarily long message in a language they know to all Entities within Near range. One cannot SPEAK a response until the next Tick.

TASKS accomplish a character’s goal. The Referee determines how many Ticks and what resources, if any, a Task requires.

If the Task may fail, the Referee will set a TN. At the end a player rolls 2d6 and adds 2 if their character’s Knowledge is relevant. If the sum is: