The Stellar Alliance: Fleets of the Alliance

Posted: 2023-05-30
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Part of a series about the Stellar Alliance.

The Alliance Exploration Fleet

All crewmen aboard an Exploration Fleet starship belong to one of six services. Each wears a color-coded uniform during their time in that service, and each service has a slightly different rank structure.

Crewmen, particularly commissioned officers, can and do switch services. Some already have expertise in that area and fill a gap in personnel; others learn as apprentices with a senior officer.

Enlisted Ranks

Pay Grade Title Service(s)
E1 Midshipman Ops
E2 Specialist Ops (Pilot, E.V.A.), Tech, Med, Sci, Sec
E3 Petty Officer 3rd Class any
E4 Petty Officer 2nd Class any
E5 Petty Officer 1st Class any
E6 Chief Petty Officer any
E7 Master Chief Petty Officer any
W1 Warrant Officer 3rd Class Tech, Med, Sci
W2 Warrant Officer 2nd Class Tech, Med, Sci
W3 Warrant Officer 1st Class Tech, Med, Sci
W4 Chief Warrant Officer Tech, Med, Sci

Warrant Officers act in an advisory or supplementary role on a ship to provide expertise that is otherwise lacking. While they can command enlisted ranks in a capacity related to their specialty, they otherwise report only to commissioned officers.

Commissioned Ranks

Pay Grade Command Service Tech Service Other Services
O-01 Ensign Ensign Ensign
O-02 Lieutenant j.g. Lieutenant j.g. Lieutenant j.g.
O-03 Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant
O-04 Lt. Commander Senior Engineer Senior Service Officer
O-05 Commander (unassigned) Chief Engineer Chief Service Officer

In order to attain ranks beyond O-05, members of the other services must transfer to the Command Service.

Pay Grade Command Service Command
O-06 Commander executive officer, gunship, fighter wing, base
O-07 Captain starship
O-08 Commodore flagship, several starships, fleet office
O-09 Vice Admiral advance or rear guard, fleet department
O-10 Admiral armada, fleet directorate
O-11 Fleet Admiral deputy of C-in-C
O-12 Commander in Chief entire fleet

Alliance Ground Defense Forces

Occasionally members of other forces do a tour of duty aboard a starship. The Ground Defense Force sometimes deploys to planets in conflict, similar to marines or special ops in then21st century. While aboard ship they supplement the Security Services … not always without incident.

Enlisted Ranks

Pay Grade Title
E1 Private
E2 Corporal
E3 Sergeant
E4 Staff Sergeant
E5 Gunnery Sergeant
E6 Master Sergeant
E7 Master Chief Sergeant
E8 Master Gunnery Sergeant
E9 Sergeant Major

Comissioned Ranks

Pay Grade Title
O-01 Cadet
O-02 Second Lieutenant
O-03 First Lieutenant
O-04 Brigade Captain
O-05 Major
O-06 Lt. Colonel
O-07 Colonel
O-08 Brigadier General (1 star)
O-09 General, 2 star
O-10 General, 3 star
O-11 General, 4 star
O-12 General, 5 star

Alliance Merchant Fleet

The Merchant Fleet lacks a distinction between “commissioned” and “enlisted” ranks. All personnel are hired by a private company and assigned ranks based roughly on their pay and responsibilities.

This is the most common rank structure. A company is free to add to, delete, or completely overhaul its rank structure, including replace pseudo-military ranks with business ranks.

  1. Cadet
  2. Crewman 3rd Class
  3. Crewman 2nd Class
  4. Crewman 1st Class
  5. Second Lieutenant
  6. First Lieutenant
  7. Lieutenant Commander or one of
    • Chief Communications Officer
    • Chief Engineer
    • Chief Financial Officer
    • Chief Medical Officer
    • Chief Pilot
    • Chief Science Officer
    • Chief Weapons Officer
    • Quartermaster
  8. Commander or Executive Officer
  9. Corporate Liason
  10. Captain

Alliance Peacekeeping Fleet

The Peacekeeping Fleet has the same structure as the Alliance Fleet, but with far fewer Science personnel and a greater number of Security personnel.

Peacekeeping Fleet uniforms are navy blue with color-coded piping indicating service.

Solar Defense Fleet

The Solar Defense Fleet operates mainly fighters and gunboats, so its structure is fairly flat.


Pay Grade Base Crew Space Crew
E1 Private Spacer
E2 Corporal Specialist
E3 Sergeant Sergeant
E4 Sergeant Major Sergeant Major


In recent years the Solar Defense Fleet has acquired some craft from the Peacekeeper Fleet. Ranks aboard those ships resemble those aboard the Peacekeeper and Alliance Space Exploration Fleets.

Pay Grade Sub-Capital Ship Capital Ship Other Services
O-01 Cadet Cadet Cadet
O-02 Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant
O-03 First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant
O-04 Flight Captain (Flight Captain) Captain, Service
O-05 Squadron Leader Lt. Commander Major, Service
O-06 Wing Commander Commander Lt. Colonel, Service
O-07 Group Captain Captain Colonel, Service

Other Services in the Defense Force include Medical, Intelligence, and Space Marine. Most stay at base, although with the addition of Capital Ships some have taken postings aboard ship.

Higher ranks correspond to flag officers at a base or HQ.

Pay Grade Title
O-08 Commodore
O-09 Vice Marshal
O-10 Marshal
O-11 Chief Marshal
O-12 Marshal of the Fleet

Ship Classes

The standard Alliance starship layout resembles an ellipsoid with an Alcubierre ring around its midsection. Longer ships often need two or more rings to generate the warp bubble that makes the ship move.

As a holdover from the days when ships used Newtonian physics, the decks are perpendicular to the direction of motion. Thus the layout of the ship resembles a tower or rocket more than an ocean-going ship. Ships without warp power also lack artificial gravity, due to energy and power constraints.

System Ships

These ships lack true FTL capabilities. The smallest ships use antigravity and ion thrusters to travel at non-relativistic speeds, while system ships use Warp 0 or Warp 1 generators to move at relativistic but still STL speeds.

Alliance Exploration Fleet

These ships were built for the Alliance Fleet, but may appear in the Merchant Fleet as surplus.

Merchant Fleet

While these ships are most common in the Merchant Fleet, other services can and do make use of them for special missions.

Peacekeeping Fleet

These ships are exclusive to the Peacekeeping Fleet.