The Stellar Alliance: Warp Ships in Mini-Six

Posted: 2023-06-06
Last Modified: 2023-10-04
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Part of a series about the Stellar Alliance.

Note: These rules are a work in progress.

The following rules supplement or supersede those of Mini-Six and/or Warp Ships.

Warp Ships as Mini-Six Vehicles

To convert Quantum statistics for ships to Mini-Six’s Vehicle rules, cross-reference the Quantum value(s) to the corresponding Mini-Six value, as noted in the table below.

Mini-Six Derived From
Skill always Pilot
Scale Size
Body Armor
Maneuverability (MNV) Agility
Move Agility
Crew unchanged
Psg unchanged
Weapons see below
Cargo undefined

For more about vehicle statistics, see the full Vehicle rules.

Size Class to Scale

These are the somewhat arbitrary Scale numbers I’ve chosen.

Size Scale Description
(m) +0 humanoids, most missiles
0 +5 small ground vehicle or water craft
I +10 large ground vehicle, lander, shuttle, personal transport, fighter
II +15 free trader, light freighter, support ship, gunship
III +20 capital ship, standard/heavy freighter, orbital port
IV +25 bulk freighter, dreadnought, colony ship, orbital base
V +30 orbital station, defense platform
??? big orbital city, O’Neill colony, large asteroid, moon

Armor to Body

To determine Body dice, use the Armor category.

Unarmored Armored Heavily Armored
4D 8D 12D

Agility to Move and MNV

In space, Agility defines both the ship’s “full burn” speed and the ease with wich it maneuverers.

Agility Move MNV
-2 1D 0D
-1 2D 1D
0 4D 2D
+1 6D 3D
+2 8D 4D
+3 10D 5D


Direct Weapons

Except for Exo-Beam weapons and missile launchers, only half a ship’s conventional weapons can fire at any one target.

Code Direct Weapon TL Scale Damage Depletion
EB Exo-Beam 6+ varies varies
GV Grav Beam 4+ ship special
HP Heavy Particle Beam 5+ +20 12D
LL Pulse Laser 4+ +15 5D
ML Missile Launcher 3+ +10 varies varies
PP Particle Beam 5+ +20 8D
RG Rail Gun 3+ +20 8D 2D6


Exo-Beam depends on how many arrays or fractions of an array are firing at the target:

Beams Classification Scale Damage
2 Super-Heavy +20 12D
1 Heavy +20 8D
½ Light +10 6D
¼ Super-Light +0 6D

More than 2 beams can fire on the same target, but only two arrays can coordinate their attacks to hit the same exact spot for penetrating damage.


Treat missiles like tiny ships that ram their targets, then explode.

Missile Type Scale Warp Agility ECCM Damage (scale)
Mine, non-warp +10 - 18 18 8D (+20)
Missile, non-warp +5 - 21 18 8D (+20)
Warp Decoy +0 1 18 - special1
Warp Drone +0 0 27 27 special2
Warp Drone w/ explosive +0 0 27 27 4D (+20)
Warp Mine +5 1 18 18 8D (+20)
Warp Torpedo +0 10 24 21 8D (+20)
Warp Torpedo, Draconian +0 10 21 24 12D (+20)

The missile types are as follows:

Warp Decoy
Anti-missile defense that creates a Warp Field to mislead homing missiles. Remains in location where launched. Can be activated remotely or on a timer.
Warp Drone
Warp 0 autonomous probe and explosive delivery platform.
Warp Mine
Warp 1 homing missile activated by proximity to a Warp 0 or Warp 1 field of sufficient size to indicate a ship, not another missile. When “launched”, missile remains dormant at launcher’s location.
Warp Torpedo
Homing missile capable of up to Warp 10 set to lock onto and pursue a target. Matches Warp Factor to target, enters warp bubble, locks onto hull, then detonates.

Decoys and ECM

When a Decoy is activated, the Gunner must make a check against Gunnery. All missiles within range with a lower ECCM than that roll lock onto the Decoy instead of their designated targets and converge to destroy it. All missiles with an ECCM at or above the roll remain locked on their targets.

A sensor operator may attempt ECM[^ecm] under the same rules, but subsituting Computer for Gunnery.

Weapons in Warp

Firing Weapons

For each target the Gunner makes a skill check against the Pilot’s static Defense:

Gunner rolls … vs. Pilot’s Defense from …
Evasive Manuevers Gunnery + Target Scale - Weapon Scale Pilot + MNV
No Evasive Maneuvers Gunnery + Target Scale - Weapon Scale 20

If the Gunner hits, they roll damage.

If the target is a missile, the Gunner rolls against the missile’s defense:

Gunner rolls … vs. …
Gunnery + Target Scale - Weapon Scale Agility

If the weapon hits the missile, the missile is destroyed. Otherwise the missile strikes the ship and does its stated damage.

Damage to Warp Vessels

To use the Mini-Six Vehicle system instead of the Quantum Warp Ship system, replace the “Damage to Warp Vessels” rules with the following.

Damage vs. Body

If a Gunner or missile hits, the weapon inflicts damage, which the stricken ship’s engineer or technical staff compare to a Body roll.

Gunner rolls … Engineer rolls …
Weapon Damage + Weapon Scale - Ship Scale Body

The engineer then looks up the results on the Vehicle Damage Table, reproduced here for convenience:

Damage Rolled ≥ Effect
Body Roll Temporary (one round)
2 × Body Roll Permanent (repair required)
3 × Body Roll Permanent (part destroyed)

Warp Ship Damage

The engineer or GM roll on the following table to see the effects of damage, also reproduced here.

Roll 1D Effect
1 Lose 1D from Maneuverability (MNV)
2, 3 Random System Damaged (see next table)
4 - 6 Structural Damage (go to next level)

Random System Table:

Roll 2D6 System Effect
2 Coffee Maker No fresh coffee
3 Food Fabricators No food
4 Communications Cannot communicate with outside world
5 Sensors Cannot get sensor locks or long-range data
6 Weapon Lose one weapon or Exo-Beam array, determined randomly.
7 Control Systems -1 to all skill rolls, cumulative: -1, -2, -1D, -1D-1, etc.
8 Missile Launcher Jammed, cannot fire missiles
9 Main Life support Only 3D6 hours of air left unless Aux gone
10 Aux. Life support Only 1D6 hours of air left if Main gone
11 Warp Generators3 No warp bubble or warp drive, thrusters only
12 Zero Point Reactors No power of any kind, all systems dead

Structural Damage Levels:

Structural Damage Effect
Damaged Hull needs major repairs
Badly Damaged Hull and superstructure need overhaul
Critically Damaged Ship barely holding together
Fatally Damaged Ship inoperable, time to abandon ship
Destroyed Ship breaks apart or explodes

Once the engineer assesses damage, they can make one skill check to fix one damaged system. The GM will set the difficulty. Use the Repair skill for all repairs.

If a starship’s Warp drive breaks, the ship will have to call for a Warp Tug, since maneuver thrusters will take forever even to make the next planet in the system.

  1. A warp decoy generates its own warp field that mimics a ship, hoping to lure a missile into targeting it. ↩︎

  2. A drone has manipulator arms to conduct sabotage, infiltration, and other operations. ↩︎

  3. Non-warp ships lose (heads) main engines or (tails) FTL drive. ↩︎