Update (2021-07-07)

Posted: 2021-07-07
Word Count: 210
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In a previous update I said I was:

Adding some CSS specific to tabletop RPG statistics, as seen in a few new character generation articles.

Ignorant fool that I was, I didn’t know that ALL browsers cache CSS. Thus I (and whoever might read this site) would need to clear each browser every time I updated the CSS. While I’m willing to do this whenever I make profound changes to the site, doing so for fiddly CSS that affects only a few articles is a bit much.

Prophetically I said:

I’m not completely happy with it; it’s more compact but also less convenient than short paragraphs in pure Markdown.

So I’ve redone three articles that use the new CSS – on Cepheus Atom, Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2e, and The Fantasy Trip – to use standard HTML (via Markdown). I’ve decided to convert the article that used the new CSS most extensively, the Year Zero Engine overview. to tables with one column, because I like the look. Going forward, though, I’ll stick to plain Markdown, which by design is much easier to write.

When I revised the look of article headers I also used CSS, some of which I’m also beginning to regret, but it should be fine for now.